Live Poetry

Schedule of Live Poetry

  • Sunday 5-7pm

The Talk Show with Jasvir is one of Radio Humsafar’s most popular programs. The format is a fast-paced and lively. Discussions on issues that are important to South Asians as well as controversial subjects are all part of this daily highly charged talk show. Callers wait in queue to be connected to this live talk show.
A number of current issues vital to the South Asian Community and their integration in the North American way of life are discussed. Whether it is a religious issue or social, economical or political, nothing remains untouched in this talk show.
Jasvir Singh is a veteran broadcaster with over 19 years experience in radio and television. He has worked as a producer, director and hosted TV shows on Canadian TV.
Enjoys: Working out at the gym, reading, eating healthy, meeting unique inspiring individuals.